Post-Click Automation™

Post-click automation (PCA) is the category of marketing technology that enables marketers to maximize advertising conversions by automating the post-click stage in the advertising funnel.

How does Post-Click Automation work?

It’s like Marketing Automation but instead of sending unique emails to your various email lists based on behavior, PCA makes it possible to deliver a unique post-click landing page experience to all of your ad groups and audiences.


Let’s break it down. There are four main components to PCA:

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1. Ad Mapping

Achieve scalable post-click personalization by automating the visualization and ad mapping of your ads to relevant post-click experiences.

Contextually visualize your advertising campaigns, determine how many personalized page experiences you need, and intuitively connect your ads to relevant experiences.


2. Scalable Creation

Create on-brand post-click landing pages at scale with reusable page blocks that you can update globally, or with expert-designed, use-case based templates.

Our customers have improved their speed and efficiency by 5x or more while using fewer resources, allowing them to scale their campaigns and decrease costs.


3. Personalization

Delight visitors with 1:1 ad-to-page personalization. Dynamically deliver relevant post-click landing page experiences to every ad and audience to increase conversions.

By sending ads to personalized post-click pages, customers have seen 58% higher conversion rates than sending ads to their homepage.


4. Optimization

With a powerful post-click platform, you can precisely measure visitor behavior with heatmaps and A/B testing, then use these insights to improve page performance and optimize for conversions.

Our customers have increased conversions by 20% using optimization features like A/B testing.


Why PCA is necessary

96% of ads don’t convert because marketers are sending targeted ads to generic landing pages, creating a disjointed customer experience.


Why is this happening?

It’s easy to create, test, and optimize hundreds of targeted and granular ads quickly, but it’s difficult to do the same for personalized post-click landing pages.

This lack of post-click personalization results in low conversion rates.


How Instapage helps

Instapage automates the post-click stage of the advertising funnel so that you can scale 1:1 ad-to-page personalization for higher conversions. Our customers enjoy an average conversion rate of 16%—4x higher than the industry average.

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